We have a keen sense of style and fashion and we know beautiful materials and fabrics are key to enhancing the casual or dressy elegance of anyone. Our products are modern and sophisticated, but also will work well to compliment a vintage style wardrobe.

We have designed HAIRWRAPS to create classic buns in the hair and we will teach you how to wrap your hair to make it look full, smooth and straight. Hair wraps are fabric that cover a length of plastic coated wire that can be bent and twisted to created many fashionable looks.  Women with long hair can achieve a look that is classic and elegant, perfect for work or play, that will enhance designer fashions. Our hair wraps made with fine fabrics will compliment your wardrobe with style.  Matching neck SCARVES, HEADBANDS, BELTS and HAT with BANDS set you apart with our made to order accessories.  Enhance and extend your wardrobe with the accessory that is right for you.  

This site has instructions for hair wraps, on how to wrap hair to create buns for ballet, soccer, skating, parties, recitals, or that unique look for any occaision. In addition to BOWS for holidays and special events in velvets and taffetas, we also have designer look headbands that are perfect for curly hair. Bridal headbands and accessories are available as special orders. Men's handmade bowties with instructions on how to make a bow tie will be available Spring 2007.




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Hair Wraps



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